Having fun learning!

A few weeks ago on Passionatehomemaking.com there was a giveaway for a preschool curriculum that I was excited about…so I entered…and didn’t win. But, I did get a discount on the curriculum and we’re loving it!

It’s called Learn Your Letters…Learn to Serve
and I don’t just like it because there’s “…” in the title!

My son has known his letters since he was 2, thanks mostly to Starfall.comand lots of reading, I felt that this would be good at really rooting the concepts he’s learned as we move onto reading, as well as start to teach my daughter her ABC’s. More than that though, I wanted help in focusing on serving others. Service to others and a humble spirit has been on my heart lately as I pray for the kids. I feel that we’ve become such a self centered society and we don’t want that for our kids. So that service aspect was a huge reason I chose to get this curriculum. And I LOVE it! Each week focuses on a different letter and associated projects to do with that letter….so letter “A” has songs, a verse, crafts, things to bake, devotional, ways to serve or show love/compassion…all kinds of fun things!

So far this week we’ve painted pictures with animal sponges, although they didn’t resemble animals by the end! while singing the “A” song and working on the verse…Made cards for the staff around Camp for everyone who’s name starts with “A” then rode around delivering them…and made a collage of pictures or words we found in magazines that start with “A”. Today we’re going to work on writing the letter “A”, then pack some Apples and go on an Adventure! Both of the kids have been enjoying it!

I really appreciate all of the different ideas for things to do and again, LOVE the emphasis on serving!