So a couple of days ago I had about 15 yummy looking organic zucchini from our local co-op that I knew I needed to do something with or they were going to go bad. I tried to take pictures but the kids kept wanting to take their own pictures or have me take pictures of them!

I figured I could grate & freeze some of the zucchini to use later, which I did successfully! but I knew some would need to be used now. Enter my handy cookbooks and the internet!

I needed something for dinner that night so I looked at the ingredients I had on hand and looked at our crock-pot, since that would allow me to keep using the rest of the zucchini…and voila! Crock-pot Turkey Enchiladas! I grated the zucchini large, but no one even knew it was there! Every time I make this it’s a hit…sometimes a miss with our son, but a hit with everyone else! I added the zucchini in while the turkey mixture was cooking…I also used yogurt instead of sour cream since that’s what I had.

Then I used the grated zucchini in place of spinach in our oft used New-Fashioned Meatloaf recipe from The Biggest Loser cookbook…I also substitute Tomato Sauce for the Ketchup since it’s less expensive and contains much less sugar & carbs, naturally! It worked wonderfully! The kids ate it even better than normal! Since I have quite a bit of ground turkey breast, it was on sale, I made a double recipe and froze one meatloaf for another night. Tonight I used a bit of the left over meatloaf, warmed it on the stove with some spaghetti sauce and served it over pasta…another hit with the kids! and so easy for me since it was basically all made.

Of course I then thought of dessert…who wouldn’t?! For this I made Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins! I used a micro-plane to grate the zucchini to minimize the green factor, I also used Rapadura instead of Brown Sugar, and Applesauce for half of the Vegetable Oil. I usually substitute Coconut Oil for Vegetable Oil, but as this recipe was new to me I decided to hold off.
The muffins were soooooo fudgy tasting and yummy!! The kids kept asking for “cake”!

All in all a successful zucchini day!


Yummy harvest!

I do not have a green thumb….I’ve said it! You would think that since my mom is fantastic gardener of all it might have rubbed off on me, but apparently not!

This year though, we finally have something to show for our work….even if it was neglected as of late…

So, I finally got out and started attacking the grass and weeds that had gotten completely out of control….lo and behold….there were lots of raspberries as well as strawberries just waiting for us to find and devour!

There’s nothing like the taste of home grown strawberries….yummy!!

I was also happy to see that the crows didn’t get all of the seedlings I had transplanted….we have tomatoes and zucchini growing!

Someday I will be better at multitasking….the kids won’t be so young….and our garden will be wonderful! Until then I’ll happily watch the kids loving picking and eating what makes it through!

2 books I love and will hopefully use to their full potential are The Backyard Homestead and Grow Great Grub !

Happy Gardening!