Yummy harvest!

I do not have a green thumb….I’ve said it! You would think that since my mom is fantastic gardener of all it might have rubbed off on me, but apparently not!

This year though, we finally have something to show for our work….even if it was neglected as of late…

So, I finally got out and started attacking the grass and weeds that had gotten completely out of control….lo and behold….there were lots of raspberries as well as strawberries just waiting for us to find and devour!

There’s nothing like the taste of home grown strawberries….yummy!!

I was also happy to see that the crows didn’t get all of the seedlings I had transplanted….we have tomatoes and zucchini growing!

Someday I will be better at multitasking….the kids won’t be so young….and our garden will be wonderful! Until then I’ll happily watch the kids loving picking and eating what makes it through!

2 books I love and will hopefully use to their full potential are The Backyard Homestead and Grow Great Grub !

Happy Gardening!

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I am just a mom. I am PASSIONATE about my Lord Jesus, my husband and our beautiful children! Because of those things...I am also PASSIONATE about the health of our family...spiritually, emotionally and physically. I try to do my best but I know there's a lot more to learn!

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