Local produce…

It’s the season!!

I’m sitting here compiling a produce share spreadsheet for my local coop…(a work at home way for me to get volunteer hours towards a larger discount!)…thinking about all the yummy local produce that’s becoming available now with all the farmers markets opening and sometimes through your local grocery stores!

Buying locally, especially through farmers markets or farms…
1) Saves Money!Since you’re not paying for packaging and for the produce to be shipped to the stores.
2) Gives you fresher, more nutrient dense veg & fruit!The produce is usually picked that morning then goes right to you.
3) A great way to get your kids out and interested in all the many kinds of veg & fruit out there!Farmers markets most often have a wider variety than the grocery stores. They are so colorful!
4) Supports your community!

Buying locally can also let you stock up on items such as berries and tomatoes for canning or freezing…you can usually get great discounts for buying bulk flats or larger. When you can or freeze your food yourself, you know what you’re getting and you don’t have to wonder if BPA really leaks through the linings of the tins of tomatoes from the store!

Here are some local farmers markets…
Puyallup I went to this for the first time last year…WOW!!
Tacoma Their website has free printable activities for your kids while shopping!

Happy marketing!

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