Cleaning out the laundry/pantry/storage/mud….pretty much everyroom room!

I was challenged a few weeks ago by Tsh over at Simple Mom to start cleaning and organizing! Unfortunately it didn’t start happening until last Saturday, but when it did…watch out!

By far the worst room in our house is our laundry/catch all room. With no basement, attic or garage, our space is limited. Lately this room has really become our of order as I’ve been starting to pull things for a garage sale. But enough is enough!! The clutter is making me feel weighed down, so out it goes!

I’m ashamed to post this, but here are the “before” shots……

Oh man, that hurts!! I so desire to live simply….the things though…the things keep getting in the way. I am determined to get rid of the excess!

It took almost all day Saturday, since I then ended up organizing our front porch, my closet and our daughters closet….but by evening it was done! There are still a few out of orders to finish up…I need to get a bike hook to hang the carrier on the wall…mostly done though…it feels so freeing! have used way too many exclamation points in this post so here are the “after” pictures…

I will admit that some of the clutter was just moved to our bedroom…the main place for the garage sale items now…but it’s all organized in containers in one part of the room. I’m still going to be pulling for our garage sale in the next few weeks…we don’t need so much!.…though my focus is shifting more to our garden and some in-depth house cleaning now that the sun is out. Thank you Lord for the sun!!

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